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This catalogue is currently bring updated - prices shown are not current and have increased recently. Some products have also changed. Please use this catalogue only as an indication of the range available and contact us for up to date information.



Contico Catalogue index page
contico mopping systems, colour coded, smoothline and combo
Contico mop wringers, Smoothline, Ambassador, Viceroy and Maxi Combo
Contico mop buckets, plastic wringer bucket, hygiene socket mops, microfibre socket mops, colour coded
Contico aluminium mop handles, ecconomy microfibre, flat mopping system, King Speedy
Contico micofibre flat mop, long bucket, double bucket trolley
Contico combo mopping unit, galvanised buckets, kentucky mop handles
Contico kentucky mop handles, strong composite and aluminium colour coded handles
Contico replacement mop handles, colour coded kentucky mops
Contico microfibre mini mops, traditional cotton and microfibre colour coded kentucky style mop heads
Contico colour coded socket mops and essential mopping spare parts
Contico microfibre colour coded cloths, spin bonnets, caddyclean pads, dust mops and Glazy window wash
Contico safety signs, high visibility, mutiuse, tricone and folding plastic
Contico safety cones, metal safety signs, floor sqeegees and squeegee handles
Contico floor scrapers, Port-a-cart, Structocart and Vega rapid response cleaners trolleys
Contico Muti-purpose cleaning trolleys, kit carts and kitCart accessories
Contico more Kitcart accessories, porters or sack trucks, catering serving trolley and, cutlery storage and waste bin
Contico trolleys and carts, Huskee folding waste cart, recycle collection cart, heavy duty laundry service cart
Contico Dust Control Sweepers, Under rack, Golden Magnet scissor sweeper, Hi Gold duster, Dust Maid and FlexiFlat
Contico Dust Contol, Micro Maid microfibre dust mop, Lambswool flick duster, Dust Beater V Sweeper
Contico Dust Control, handles and parts, Entrance Protection, Frontline entrance mats Frontguard entrance matting, P22
Contico Entrance Protection, Frontgard washable entrance mats, Dustpans and brushes Page23
Contico Dustpans and Brushes, Dust pan and brush, lobby dustpan and litter picker, Page24
Contico Litter Pickers, grippers, log reach, Easygrip, longarm and Hoky Rotor Sweeper P25
Contico, Hoky sweepers, hygiene brushware, nail brush, scrubbing, churn and banister brush, polypropylene hygiene brushes, P26
Contico Brushware, flat sweeping brooms, deck scrubber brush and plastic floor squeegees, Page27
Contico Broomand squeegee handles, Super shovel, buldozer stiff yard brush, Storage Stack n Nest Page28
Contico Storage and Utility, shop baskets, tote caddy, tuff box and round pouring bucket, Page29
Contico Storage and Utility divided bucket, long bucket, muck bucket, Waste reseptacles, Ash stand cigarette and litter bins Page30
Contico Ash stand litter bin, wall ash tray, floor ashtray, waste basket and swing bins, Page31
Contico Waste Receptacles, pedal bins, wheely bin, bullet push bin and Wall Hugger bin tall boy base, Page32
Contico Waste Bins, Wall Hugger spring top and tip top lid, giant storage waste, colossus and open frame sack holder, Page33
Contico Industrial utility Huskee square and round wheeled storage bins, utbag bin bag, Windo cleaning squeegees aluminium Page34
Contico Window Cleaning Equipment, Alumax Rapid Clean Squeegees, Silverbrand and Goldbrand Squeegees Page35
Contico Goldenbrand accessories, Stutzy handle, channel clips and replacement rubber squeegee blades Page36
Contico Window Cleaning Equipment,Window cleaners holster, belt pouch, wash applicator Page37
Contico Window Cleaning, washing sleeve, Ambi and telescopic poles Page38
Contico Window Cleaning extension pole equipment, sponge and scrapers Page39
Contico Sham Cham, Glazy window wash system, thermal gloves, rawhide holster, microfiber and linen scrim cloth Page 40
Contico Spraychem Trigger Sprays, Ergo, Adjust-O-Spray and Comfort Page41
Contico Trigger spray bottles, Transit fixed and foam sprayhead Page42
Contico Spraychem Triggers and Pumps, packaging sprayhead, adjustable, finger pump and Pow-R-Spray Page43
Contico Spraychem Jumbo maxi extension sprayhead, chemical resistant metal trigger pump up and back pack pressure spray Page44
Contico Pump up pressure sprays Page45
Contico Ounc-omatic and mini pump dispensers, food grade, drum and syphon pumps Page46
Contico dishwash dispenser, drum transfer pumps,adapters, closures and taps Page47
Contico Fogging Fogmister, TriJet, Washroom, baby changing station and Cyclaroma air freshener Page 48
Contico Washroom automatic air freshener odour control Bobson and Kleenmist aerosols Page49
Contico Odour Control, KleenAire and Bobson gel cabinets, Citrus Room freshener and giant aerosol Page50
Contico Washroom products, batteries, KleenFem sanitary bin, Kleenhands and Sprint Soap dispensers Page51
Contico Washroom, KleenSeat toilet seat sanitiser Toilet roll holder, bulk pack, mini jumbo and centrefeed dispensers, Page52
Contico Hand towel, mini soap, modular, compact and comercial soap dispensers, toilet bowl mops Page 53
Contico Washroom Products Toilet brush caddy set Deodoscreen urinal deodoriser screen, KleenScreen, crystal loo blue, Wizard and KleenHands 'Superior' Hand Dryers Page54
Contico Washroom and food preparation area insect and fly control Eurozap, Page55
Contico TuboAir Floor surface and carpet dryer, CaddyClean portable scrubbing machine, Page 56
Contico CaddyClean accessories Page 57
Contico Mighty Midget Vacuum cleaner and Orbiter orbitak floor cleaner pollisher Page58
Contico Vacuum cleaner parts, Floor pads, Contico Superpads and ultra high speed floorpans, Page59
Contico Floorpads, Glit natural pads, Sandscreen pads, rotary spin bonnets and octopus edge and floor cleaning tool, Page60
Contico Floor cleaning Handi-kit, Handi-Scrub and hand scourers, textile cleaning, floor, stockinette and microfiber colour coded heavy duty cloths, Page61
Contico Food Service, Cooking oil colical filter, Grilbrik gridle cleaner, industrial soap filled pads and ventilated dunnage rack,  Page62
Contico Food Service Measuring jugs, polycarbonate scoops, mobile ingredient and ice bin, cutlery,crockery catering servive trolley,  Page63